Over 2 Million Square Feet of Logistics Space

Pick & Pack

Our high-volume Pick & Pack offers our clients comprehensive and efficient sorting and redistribution services. Our highly trained team of dedicated product assembly experts ensure you goods arrive to market quickly, accurately and in excellent condition. From single packages to complex orders, your dedicated team has the experience and resources to ship products in a timely fashion.

Inventory Management

We are passionate about inventory process, control and management. Knowing exactly when, where and why is paramount for efficient operation. We have access to the latest in RFID systems as well as scan pick& pack.

Drop Ship Management

We manage a simple or complex drop ship program with Clients such as Groupon, Amazon, BTR, and more with full EDI capabilities which allows us to manage our client’s merchandise in a very efficient and timely manner. We have both Fedex and UPS dropped-off trailers at our location 24/7.

We are working  with almost every major department store and discount stores in the USA and Canada.