The new Ecommerce frontier: Omnichannel

With omnichannel distribution you can find all the products a brand or a brick & mortar store carry online — called the endless aisle — and either arrange to have the item held for in-store pickup, or even have the item shipped to the store for free to be picked up later, or a big area of growth is to have the item delivered directly from the 3PL warehouse to the consumer’s doorstep.

Drop Ship. Drop shipping has quickly become one of the biggest tools in an online retailers’ repertoires.

Retailers want the endless aisle and are very optimistic about the growth opportunities for drop ship: 38% of retailers report that drop ship makes up more than 25% of their current e-commerce sales and more than 60 percent of retailers said they are currently drop shipping merchandise sold through their eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces straight to customers

Vendors report a much greater volume of e-commerce sales being delivered via drop ship, 25 percent of vendors believe that the volume will grow by 50% or more in the next year. a Vendor with a 3PL capable of meeting the new demand for drop shipping will have a distinct advantage over its competitors. Those numbers are set to rise as well, because new eCommerce solutions makes managing drop shippers significantly easier and drop shipping gives vendors an unprecedented amount of flexibility to manage their inventory while maintaining a smaller retail footprint.

This is where ShippingWarehousing can play an important role in fulfilling your customers speedy delivery expectations.

ShippingWarehousing can help you set up an entire omnichannel program from populating product feeds to customer service and shipping to the end-user.

Drop shipping has become an indispensable necessity in an online retailers’ strategy as vendors are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their operational efficiency to accomplishing business goals while utilizing as few resources as possible.

Drop Shipping Software Solution

With the help of ShippingWarehousing vendors can now automate the way orders are processed so they are automatically routed to drop shippers. This makes the utilization of drop shipping seamless no matter how many channels a retailer is utilizing for the distribution of its products.