Shipping Warehousing was founded in 1997 as a distributor and exporter of recycled electronic products .   The distribution of these low margin products needed to be extremely cost effective and thus highly efficient both in terms of space use, inventory management and human labor. The Shipping Warehousing team partnered with programers and coders to streamline the process and were one of the few companies to fully integrate Apple Macs in the distribution supply chain industry. At that time there were no off the shelves programs and thus a software was written from scratch based on real hands-on experience. Over the course of several years the software was continuously improved, updated, and recently put in the cloud.

in 2001 the company was spun off into a fully integrated logistics company, with several initial clients in the apparel and accessories industry.

Our experience and system has been put to the test by several apparel and accessories brands in our portfolio of clients. Our system and employees have been utilized by companies of different sizes and products. Some of our clients have grown so big that we had to expand our space from 35,000 sq.ft in 2001 to over 1,000,000 sq.ft. in Southern California